Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat - Gimme Something Good to Eat PLEASE and THANK YOU

This is my last Halloween post. We seem to have had a lot of Halloween-related activities this year!

We carved our pumpkin at the last minute. I am weary of rotten pumpkins so always wait til the end. Connor joined me in our front yard to carve, but she didn't want to get anywhere near the pumpkin insides. This surprises me since she is so headstrong, but as she said "it was too gunky!" That left me the sole pumpkin scooper.
Connor got this sweet Trick-or-Treat dress as a hand-me-d0wn. It was lots of fun to wear this season. If you press the witch there is a faint ghoulish tune that plays. Connor thought that was awesome! And showed everyone her singing dress.Voila! Jack has emerged!Also this weekend in addition to Halloween, it was our neighborhood's 100th anniversary! There was a kid-friendly festival around the block with jumpies, popcorn, music and arts and crafts. We had a ball! We have lived in our neighborhood nearly 8 years. What a difference this time has made in terms of transition. Now the kids truly rule the streets!
Everything was free at the festival except for the popsicles. The King of Pops is supposedly famous for his gourmet pops - and at $2.50 a pop (ha, ha) I had my doubts. But I stand corrected - they were YUMMY!
Connor entered the costume contest. She strutted her stuff right across the stage area while the DJ announced her costume - A CUPCAKE!
On the big night everyone was off to Aidan's house for a spooky party!
Aidan was a Fireman and Maury was Spiderman!
And sweet Finn was a Gingerbread Man!
We had a great time and tried to get some non-sugary treats into our little ones before the candy deluge began.
Spiderman was a popular choice. Here they all are shooting their webs!
Finally we made it to Trick-or Treat time. Connor and Carter were neighborhood buddies and tackled the candy job together. Connor was bold and ran ahead while Carter a little more social in his candy calls.
We worked hard to teach the kids to of course initiate with the "Trick or Treat" but also to look at the neighbor and say THANK YOU before running off to the next house. It may be Halloween but manners are still important.
They were the cutest Race Car Driver and Cupcake you ever did see!

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