Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dancing Queen

Connor has been taking tap/ballet for a year now.  It is the most wonderful thing for working moms - the dance company comes right to the daycare every week and the teachers help the children dress out in leotards and tights.  The entire dance prep and class happen without me lifting a finger in terms of logistics. 

A few weeks ago time came for the year end recital.  The company brought costumes to borrow (translation - mom and dad didn't have to buy an expensive recital costume) and they were ON for a 7 PM weeknight show.
We had our first 4-year-old-tantrum while getting ready for the show.  I really couldn't even tell you what it was about.  I think in Connor's Little Girl World it was her way of showing her excitement and nerves peaking.  They have definitely been talking about and anticipating this show for several weeks.  Luckily once we were dressed and showtime was upon us the tears dried away. 
The ballerinas had their photos made before the big show!

And then it was time to show!  It really wasn't just one grand-bam routine as much as they demonstrated the way an entire class usually went.  So the performance lasted nearly 40 minutes.  We were very proud of our little ballerina.
Even with shoes untied she had all the moves!
That satin ribbon on the new costume proved too tempting not to just rub, rub, rub. 

I adore Connor's dance teacher, Ms. Allie.  She is the perfect blend of sweet, graceful, yet still keeps all those girls in line. 
Flowers and hugs for our very special Little Ballerina!!!

More PJ Pics

Here are a few more photos from Connor's big birthday bash with Pancakes and Pajamas.  We ended up with quite a gaggle of children.  Between siblings, neighbors, and school friends there were a lot of 4 year olds.

But I think this is probably the last year we can get away with using Connor's bday as a reason to party with our friends too.  I think 5 year old parties are likely more "drop your kids off and go" events. 

I was so glad to get these new photos from Sydney's Dad.  The expression on Connor's face with all her friends surrounding her as the cake arrived was priceless!

We were very thankful for a nice night weatherwise.  I am not sure our house could have taken all these folks inside.  And our fenced front yard was perfect!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pajamas and Pancakes Party

Last night was unbelievable, crazy, and wonderful!  We opted for Connor's bday party on a Friday night since we had back to back Sat/Sun graduation weekends on either end of her actual day.  May has got to be the busiest month!  Much more chaotic than December.  I took the day off to rest and prep for the party.  I prepped FOUR large packages of bacon and a heaping pile of pancakes.

 Connor with her beloved Maury.  She LOVES Maury.

 Grant arrived in his Camo Dino PJs!

 I decided 4-year-olds are tough to make stand still in a pack for a group photo!  But I tried!

 The smallest party participants were adorable.
 We hired a sitter to man the upstairs to ward off blood, broken bones, and jumping off beds.  It was the best decision we made.  They dressed up and played hard in Connor's room.  Melissa wins the "Babysitter of the Year" award for keeping them safe!
 Pancake time and everyone took their breakfast/dinner on our front lawn.  I have never been so happy to have our fence.  Room for everyone to spread out and run around and very little sticky syrup inside my home!

 As if syrup and doughnuts weren't enough, it was then cake time!  The children sat on our steps and sang to Connor while I presented the cake.  She was a proud little girl amongst her friends.

 Then there were hugs all around!  From Kimball....
 From Sofia...
 Hagen was very sweet.
 I plopped down on our front lawn with our cakes (yes, we had two of them) and cut as fast as I could.  Yummy, strawberry cake and caramel cake from Piece of Cake!

What an evening!  This was Connor's last party as an only child.  Probably also the last year we can pass off her bday as an excuse to have a pseudo adult party with our friends too.  I bet at age 5 it becomes more of a "drop the kids off and go" shin dig.
Connor seemed to have tons of fun and thankfully Mother Nature presented a perfect not-too-hot, not-too-cold, not-too-buggy evening for us to relish.