Saturday, May 14, 2011

School Party - Following the Rules

My little girl turned 4 this week!  She bounded under the covers with me the morning of her special day and let me hold her tight for a few moments.  A rare gift from a busy child.  I said something like "Don't grow up anymore" and Connor looked at me and said, "Don't worry Mom.  No matter how big I get I will always be your little girl."  Oh goodness.

On the actual day I tried to fulfill the good working mother role and took cupcakes to school.  At first I was going to bring Popsicles as a change of pace, but with the temps near 90 degrees there was a smog alert and the kiddos weren't allowed outside - making melting Popsicles too big of a mess.  Cupcakes it was!
 There are a lot of school rules around such a simple concept.  Only store-bought foods are allowed.  Makes sense because the school needs to know exact ingredients to ward off allergic reactions.  What a gift to us busy moms to just swing by the grocery store to pick up prepared cupcakes on the way.  Although I do think one reason our kids are hyped up on sugar these days is because they have these same icing-steeped cakes TWENTY times a year (there are 20 kids in the class).
 I picked up some balloons to bring into the classroom to make the celebration a little more festive.  Red and pink latex ones - Connor's favorite color combo.  Of course as soon as I walked in the Center I saw the director and immediately knew something was wrong.  You guessed balloons allowed.  Choking hazard and latex allergies.  We stashed them in her office.
 I also brought a candle and lighter for Connor to blow out.  I asked the teachers about it - now wary of breaking so many rules - and we voted to forgo the candle.
 Thankfully Connor could have cared less!  She was full of herself with all this birthday attention!

 They were very, very cute.
 Connor didn't want to leave the table!
After clean up I indulged with the kids marching in a "Bean Bag Parade" before we left.  After learning all the rules, I totally enjoyed my time in the Jungle Room.

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