Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Christmas was over a month ago but somehow we are still jammin' out to Disney Christmas carols in my car.  I just keep forgetting to change out our CD changer and Connor is absolutely addicted to "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas"  Oh well.

We spent Christmas with our families in NC.  This was the first time in 3 years we didn't have to take a transatlantic flight to get there.  What a relief.  It was also our last Christmas with Connor as an only child and she milked it for all she could.

Christmas is such a special time to be pregnant.  The maternal connection to what Mary must have been feeling, at least in part, so long ago. This Christmas Eve we took Connor with us to our church's candlelight service.  She was wonderful - sat still, sang hymns, and was quiet.  I was a proud Mama.  She must have known Santa was on his way!

Christmas Day was a busy one.  We went back and forth and then back and forth again in between our parents' houses.  We started with stockings at Lin-Lin's.
Clay was a sweet dog.
Connor found two new muh-muhs!  With the all important silky sides!

Then back to the in-laws in time for the Uncles mid-morning wake up call and the traditional staircase photo.
What do you know?  Santa found Connor at Cara's too!

It turned into a White Christmas!  Somewhere Bing Crosby was smiling and crooning away.  While Kirk and I took off for Santa Fe Connor got plenty of grandparent love!

Connor has a minor obsession with Cara's Baby Jesus nativities!  She loves to line them all up on the piano.

Definitely a Christmas to remember!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Slowly but surely I am catching up on this blog - albeit piecemeal and way out of chronological order!  The day after Christmas Kirk and I took a getaway trip to Santa Fe.  It was our first kidless travel in 2+ years.  Of course the morning we were to take off from NC the state was being pounded in snow.  I still have no idea how our plane ever took off.

We chose Santa Fe because I have always wanted to discover this artsy town during the holidays.  Many years ago our minister preached using the luminaria the town places atop the adobe buildings as context.  It was a powerful message scripturally but also peaked my interest to see the candlelit beauty.  As we checked into our hotel, La Posada, I was not disappointed.  It was breathtaking.

Kirk and I had a good time leisurely wandering the town, staying out late, and eating at kid UNfriendly restaurants.  We were thankful for the time to connect before the onslaught of accounting busy season.  That said, there were many conversations about our little Connor - wondering how she was and missing her funny, sweet presence.
Santa Fe brought a new type of Southwest cuisine.  I was still trying to stay atop 1st trimester nausea but Kirk indulged.  He made it our goal to eat at the top 3 restaurants all in one day - Cafe Pasqual's for breakfast, The Shed for lunch, and Santa Cafe for dinner.  Good thing we spent the rest of the day walking off some of those calories!

Santa Fe held many treasures to discover.  Churches, galleries, and the Georgia O'Keefe museum....

We also traveled to New Mexico countryside and into Taos.  We passed this amazing gorge and had to stop to cross over the bridge afoot.

We reached Taos and Kirk took on the mountain with excitement from nearly a decade of no skiing.  It is just not a sport for accountants given the work schedule.  I opted for a facial at the spa while he hit the slopes.

One new development since we last went skiing...wearing helmets is cool and completely normal.  
It was a wonderful mini vacation.  We did it our way "doing" a lot, but doing a lot we couldn't have done with Connor.  Thank you parents for taking care of our little one.  What an adult treat!

We Need to Work on our Smiles

Connor's little brain is just taking off!  She has been so full of "baby brother or sister" since we told her she would be a big sister soon.  My mom brought her several "big sister" books this past weekend so that has only fueled intrigue. 

Yesterday I picked Connor up from school and she bestowed upon me the most beautiful drawings.  Her teacher tells me she really drew them by herself with teacher only writing the title.  Gotta say I was impressed!  This first one is - as Connor narrated to me - "Mom, Dad, Connor and then the new baby in Mommy's tummy."  I am not sure about why our "smiles" are straight lines, but it is hilarious to get Connor's take on this.  The second drawing is Lin-Lin, me and Clay the dog.  I love my little girl and her wonderful imagination!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sushi and the Baby Boy

Recently a group of 7 of us hosted a shower for our friend, Heather, who is expecting her first baby in early February.  It has been too long since I last hosted a milestone celebration.  I had the best time housing the special event in our home. 
 It was especially nice sharing hostess duties with so many lovely ladies - they took care of all the food planning.  Heather's sister decided to cater with Whole Foods (a big hit!) and she insisted Heather would love sushi at the shin dig.  So there we were with a sushi lunch and neon green punch.

 And the largest, most delectable cupcakes to top it all off!

 I was particularly pleased all the ladies fit in the same area in our home - in somewhat of a circle.  Folks seemed comfortable and jovial in support of Heather.

 Me with the mommy-to-be!
 We did the best "activity" at this shower (not my idea, but a great one).  Each lady picked up a present which they didn't bring along with dessert.  At the same time everyone opened up their chosen gift and held it.  When everyone was done we went around the room one-by-one and each guest showed off the gift while we oooh'd and aaaah'd together.  I think it really helped take the pressure off our guest of honor.  Heather got to sit back and enjoy and admire.

We can't wait to meet this new baby boy and welcome him into our neighborhood.  Good luck Heather!