Tuesday, January 11, 2011

With Cabin Fever - You Gotta Have Friends (who are Neighbors!)

Wow!  We are snowbound.  Or I guess I should really say - ICE bound!  Connor and I were getting cabin fever but luckily we were able to assemble a group of stircrazy neighbors to brave the elements.  We slipped and slided to one of our favorite neighborhood brunch spots, Sun in my Belly (isn't that a great name for a cafe?!?)
 It was absolutely hilarious.  The half mile took an hour each way with us literally sliding there.  Together we caught our balance and picked up our little ones who took regular tumbles.  And who wanted to touch absolutely everything in the ice.  I wonder what their little minds think of all of this?  Thankfully Amy had an extra pair of boots that were too big for Carter so she shared with us.  Much better than the pathetic sneakers we started the trip in.  We literally had to sit down and slide down our driveway to get out.
 The roads are just terrible.  This is a major Decatur street and it is literally an ice-skating rink. 
 Connor thought Carter was so cool.  She wanted to hug on him and hold his hand the whole way.
 Big thanks to Amy and Jonathan for helping keep Connor and her little legs motivated for the hike.
 Looking down from a bridge onto another major Decatur road.
 We were both very relieved when we made it home without too many bumps and bruises.  It was truly an adventure.
 Our street....don't think we are getting out of here anytime soon!
 Connor was determined to try to make a snow angel in our yard.  But poor thing, she wasn't heavy enough to break thru the ice and make the shape.  She just waved her limbs - and it proved fruitless.  She was perplexed!

 For dinner we were lucky to visit another dear neighbor friend.  Rick and Christy had us over and Connor had another great playdate.  The girls enjoyed dress up - check out these cool, flashy dance outfits from the 80s.  Connor looked like a Coca-ca-bana girl ready for Vegas!
While we certainly miss Kirk and our families, I am very thankful to live in a neighborhood family which cares for and supports us so well.  We are on for a pancake potluck breakfast tomorrow - we are bringing the bacon and oj!

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