Sunday, January 9, 2011

Basketball in Puerto Rico

Right before Thanksgiving we received an early Christmas present!  Kirk's parents took the brothers and us to Puerto Rico!  The Basketball Tournament both Davidson and UNC were playing in made for a great getaway excuse.  We had to pinch ourselves.  An exotic gift and family time together for five nights.  The Intercontinental was very nice with a beautiful pool, on the beach and with a divine buffet breakfast every morning - yum!
The pool was pretty chilly, but had this ledge that was just right for little ones to skip and scamper atop. There was also a swim up bar. We braved the wet goosebumps to get strawberry daquiris and a Shirley Temple for Connor. Brrr.
The trip was a special treat.  The bummer was that Kirk fell very ill while we were there.  We had to call a doctor to the hotel room and get 4 prescriptions filled.  Poor Kirk did his best to pull thru and put best foot forward but he felt terrible.  Sickness in paradise is just cruel.
Despite not feeling well we did get to indulge in some unique experiences.  We traveled to El Yunque, Puerto Rico's rain forest and also to Luquillo Beach.  The beach was a picture postcard with the palms and green, green water.  Connor collected miniature "baby coconuts" from the sand.
We went for a family hike - although Connor was exhausted and ended up staying with Kirk at the trailhead.  Good thing too because it was definitely more of a challenge than 3-year-old legs could handle.  I headed with the brothers though down to the La Mina falls.
The waterfall at the bottom was beautiful.
And the brothers wasted no time and jumped right in and under it!

Here are more photos of Luquillo Beach!
And the rainforest!

We had a grand time with the uncles.  I will say that we are ready for them to join the married and ranks of parenthood.  Connor both loved and was challenged by being the only grandchild.  The schedules and preferences of a 3-year-old don't always match those of her footloose and fancy free uncles but they were patient, kind and loving as we juggled the naps, early bedtimes, and short attention span.

The basketball games peppered the days.  Davidson played well - UNC not so much. 
Sports aside, the chance to sunbathe in November was the best!  Huge thanks to my in-laws for the priceless gift of memories!

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  1. DREAMY!!! Except for poor Kirk, of course! :'(