Sunday, January 23, 2011


This week Connor came home from school and announced she learned a new "big" word at school.  I asked what it was?

"Hibernation!" she announced in four distinct syllables.

I was a little surprised.  It was a big word.  She then proceeded to tell me it was an "H" word that described "when bears and other animals sleep in their homes during the winter."  We are all quite proud of the hibernation word!  Her little mind is a sponge soaking in new things.

I have been thinking a lot about hibernation recently.  As an auditor, Kirk is the the throws of one of the most grueling "busy" seasons ever.  He has endured exponential more travel than ever before and his 7 day work weeks for months on end takes an awfully big toll.  On him and on us.  I am proud of him and his incredible professional endurance.  He is great at his job and I will continue to support him and his career.

The challenging part comes with one working parent - and a pregnant parent at that! - at home 99% of the time with a 3 year old.  I have been exhausted and much more housebound than normal.  I fall asleep basically at the same time as Connor and we spend a lot more time hulled up for the winter.  Just like those bears HIBERNATING.  I dislike how unproductive I feel.  But such is life.  I find it appropriate that the 'down' time in the year is my 'winter' which coincides with the season.

We are counting the days til Busy Season is over and those accountants can 'put their pencils down!'  And these hibernating bears can resume a more normal life!

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