Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sticker Girl

Heaven help us! We are moving soon. And we started packing boxes this weekend. We turned our backs for just a moment and this is what we found. Sticker Girl! Connor jumped and hopped all around calling out "Sticker Girl! Sticker Girl! I am Sticker Girl!"She was proud of her new body art.We have a long week in front of us.Please pray for our patience, strength and endurance during this last stage of transition back home. With Sticker Girl at our feet we will need it!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Mountain Fun

Because one mountain weekend wasn't enough, we had back-to-back weekend trips! This one with dear friends, the Boltons, at the Watershed Cabins near the Nantahala River in western NC. Appropriately our cabin was named "Call of the Wild"Will and Connor are the best, best of friends. And sweet baby Adaiah filled out our crew nicely as the newest addition.
The kids wasted no time at all playing. These two fit together like peas in a pod. It makes parenting a lot easier since they are so compatible. I don't think there was even one peep of conflict all weekend between them.
Adair brought the most delicious chili while Eric made quesadillas for the kiddos.
The next day dawned bright and early. We indulged in the most mouth-watering chocolate croissants. Adair buys them from a French baker in her neighborhood. They were honestly better than any I have ever had, even in France!
This one we will have to bust out on the night of their rehearsal dinner!
Adaiah was the easiest, most low key baby with all of us flitting around.
I could watch these two play all day long. Here they are playing Ring Around the Rosie.
All Fall Down!
We loaded all seven of us (three carseats!) into Eric's Explorer and went off to discover nearby Bryson City. They were having a Railfest Festival. Being train lovers we had to check it out.
We found the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad and lots of Fall fun. Too bad it was near 90 degrees. Where are you Fall?!? The tourist train pulled out of the depot while we were there. We had a grand time waving goodbye to the passengers aboard. Connor has developed a great Miss America wave!
Kids find the simplest toys. You can never predict. Here are their makeshift tents.
The RailFest had a local talent show with Miss North Carolina as a judge and these small railcars to ride. Gotta love small town America!
And Adaiah just happily took it all in....
We grilled burgers and dogs for dinner and built a roaring campfire. And where there is a campfire, you know what else must be there....
Connor's first SMORES!
Bathed and to bed! I do note that as parents we are more exhausted at the day's end than our more youthful days. I think we were asleep before midnight both nights.
While we packed the car Connor and Will were able to run around and explore. It was great to be secluded with the freedom to roam.
Will and Connor tired of my constant photography. This was their response.
On the way out of town we couldn't resist one more special activity. Gem mining was calling our names. This was my first experience. We found turquoise, quartz and lots of mud!
We love the Boltons. They are the perfect-fit couple true blue friends.

Comin Around the Mountain

Something about comin' around the mountain "to grandma's house we go" rings right and true in this case. We recently joined Lin Lin and Paw Paw in the mountains to celebrate Mom's bday.It amazes me how infrequently we see our folks given there is no longer an ocean in between us. Busy lives and work schedules make it difficult to calendar. But it sure is wonderful when it happens.
Connor absolutely loves Lin Lin's dog, Clay. Clay lets her chase and hug him. What a good sport.
There were hummingbirds all over Lin Lin's porch. I spent a lot of time with my camera lens poised to take photos, but those birds were very, very fast.
Connor's mountain treat was this sweet duck; we named him Cordoroy, given his texture.
Birthday time! I love Connor's expressions as she helps Lin Lin blow out her candles.
It was a festive night with candles, cake, ice cream and wine!
The cooler mountain air can't help but make you smile!
Thanks for a great weekend Lin Lin and Paw Paw!