Saturday, September 25, 2010

Comin Around the Mountain

Something about comin' around the mountain "to grandma's house we go" rings right and true in this case. We recently joined Lin Lin and Paw Paw in the mountains to celebrate Mom's bday.It amazes me how infrequently we see our folks given there is no longer an ocean in between us. Busy lives and work schedules make it difficult to calendar. But it sure is wonderful when it happens.
Connor absolutely loves Lin Lin's dog, Clay. Clay lets her chase and hug him. What a good sport.
There were hummingbirds all over Lin Lin's porch. I spent a lot of time with my camera lens poised to take photos, but those birds were very, very fast.
Connor's mountain treat was this sweet duck; we named him Cordoroy, given his texture.
Birthday time! I love Connor's expressions as she helps Lin Lin blow out her candles.
It was a festive night with candles, cake, ice cream and wine!
The cooler mountain air can't help but make you smile!
Thanks for a great weekend Lin Lin and Paw Paw!

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