Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fun Fashion Show

Connor's class put on a Fashion Show last week. Kirk and I were both able to break away from work to watch Connor walk the catwalk. It was very cute and well thought out. Below is the printed program and fan for the guests to stay cool.
The Moms await!There were three parts to the show: summer wear, swim wear, and evening wear.When Connor came strutting along in her summer sundress - oh my. There was an emcee describing each outfit in loving detail. Connor was quite determined and deliberate in her walk.We were ready to fulfill our duty as paparazzi for the models!Not everyone was happy about the exercise. Overcoming shyness. Mom jumped in to help.They had spots taped down they were to hit.Connor peeking out of the curtain, ready to go!Note all the other classes came to enjoy the show and lined the route. I will never in a million years know how these teachers keeps them all sitting still and paying attention!Connor picked out TWO outfits for the evening wear portion. An elegant red ball gown...As well as a jazzy little pink number with black diamond sunglasses!You can see the circles drawn on the cement the kids were to walk around.A final bow!The models did a great job. Not sure how the teachers managed all those quick changes in the sweltering heat with those sweaty little bodies, but hey more power to them!Click here for full album of fashion, waffles and swimming

Waffle House

Last week we went to the Waffle House Museum down the street from our neighborhood. What is a Waffle House Museum, you may ask? Well it is the site of the very first Waffle House ever. Hard to believe there was a time before Waffle Houses! They converted this structure to an exact replica of a Waffle House in 1955. We weren't sure if it would be fun, funny, or a waste of time... But it was a blast!
Old-timey is hilarious!
We sat at the counter and also got behind the grill. There was a lot of rubber food to play with and the kids had a great time serving up all the orders.
The scattered and covered hashbrowns are definitely my downfall.
We tried to explain to our kids what a jukebox is. A far cry from the ipod age!
The museum built up our appetites so we went right down the street to the #1000 Waffle House store to order up. It was delicious.

The Waffle House Museum is open one more Saturday, August 7, for free. Outside of that you can visit only by appointment. It started out corny but we enjoyed the adventure in our own backyard. And will never eat at a Waffle House and not think of the very first store we visited.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swimming Like A Fish

Connor is taking swimming lessons this month. Two nights a week with some of her buds from her school classroom. They are all little fish now in the water. While I wouldn't give the lessons perfect scores in terms of instruction, it has been a task in learning patience as each waits for the others to take their turn.
The hardest part for me is that Connor has NO FEAR! None. She knows how to hold her breath and can actually independently go under and get back up. She has just enough confidence to give me great fear. The other kids in her class fear putting their face in the water. Connor has the opposite problem and DOESN'T fear.
So we are scrambling to impart tecnique into my fearless fish as soon as and as quickly as possible.
Learning to kick with straight legs is not intuitive...
Here is how the three waiting kiddos hold onto the side of the pool and wait for Mr. Justin to come get them. I thought I wouldn't have to dress out for these lessons, but with Connor being so bold in the water I can't afford not to.
She is so funny with her little friends. She loves them so!By the time the lesson is over the children are all water-logged. And HUNGRY!We rotate families bringing dinner to share and plate up the food as quickly as possible.With full tummies the energy tanks pop right back to high and the kids run around and up and down this cement strip until they are delirious from exhaustion.Swim lessons keep the rhythm of our week exciting!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chore Chart

Our attempts at continued discipline with Connor have taken a colorful turn.... Connor thinks her chore chart is super cool. When I was little I had a "Star Chart" that was similar and would earn red, silver and gold stars as grades. I remember jumping up and down when I earned a GOLD star cheering "Gold star! Gold star! Gold star!" We are still working to devise our system - the criteria and methodology. But it definitely is a hit with Connor and the threat of "not earning a star" certainly seems to carry weight for now.
Have I mentioned that we have totally discovered the wonders of dress up the past couple of weeks. Connor is a big fan especially of any satin dresses like these....they feel just like her muh-muh blanket. She had me in stitches the other day watching Snow White in her princess gown belting out, "Someday my Prince will come"
Never a dull moment around here!

Blueberry Pickin' Just Like Sal

Last weekend we went blueberry picking. Can't go blueberry picking without thinking of one of our very favorite books, Blueberries for Sal.Sal and her mom make quite a story. It was one of my childhood classics and will be for Connor too. I love books that are popular generation after generation.We met Palmer and her sweet family at the farm ready to pick before the sun got too hot! It was hard not to mentally compare our girls from the last time we went picking here two years ago. What a difference from age 1 to age 3!We had time to squeeze in a little playground time before and after our picking adventure.After collecting our pails and set out into the bush. The owner warned of poison ivy, so the Moms were a little on edge looking for the dreaded three-leaf plant - but thankfully we didn't find any.Connor worked hard to fill up her bucket without eating too, too many! She and Palmer became pros at picking only the dark blue berries. There were many not yet ripe. Guess we were a little early. But it made the hunt even more fun. We found plenty nonetheless.It wasn't long before it got brutally hot. Blueberry picking is hard work! We were grateful we set out so early.We headed into the shade to pay for our berries. Again I was reminded in this photo of the similar scene a couple of years ago. The girls were big blueberry eaters back then too!After all that picking Connor was pretty tuckered out. She rubbed her pink muh-muh satin blanket in the car and was out like a light. She and Palmer played so well together. They are sure to be dear friends - just like their parents.I think even Sal and his Mom would have approved of our blueberry success!Click here for full album photos of our Blueberry Pickin'