Saturday, July 24, 2010

Waffle House

Last week we went to the Waffle House Museum down the street from our neighborhood. What is a Waffle House Museum, you may ask? Well it is the site of the very first Waffle House ever. Hard to believe there was a time before Waffle Houses! They converted this structure to an exact replica of a Waffle House in 1955. We weren't sure if it would be fun, funny, or a waste of time... But it was a blast!
Old-timey is hilarious!
We sat at the counter and also got behind the grill. There was a lot of rubber food to play with and the kids had a great time serving up all the orders.
The scattered and covered hashbrowns are definitely my downfall.
We tried to explain to our kids what a jukebox is. A far cry from the ipod age!
The museum built up our appetites so we went right down the street to the #1000 Waffle House store to order up. It was delicious.

The Waffle House Museum is open one more Saturday, August 7, for free. Outside of that you can visit only by appointment. It started out corny but we enjoyed the adventure in our own backyard. And will never eat at a Waffle House and not think of the very first store we visited.


  1. JB would be in heaven - he LOOOOVES Waffle House! :-P

  2. Funny! I had no idea that they had a museum for Waffle House. I could sure go for a Waffle House breakfast!