Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chore Chart

Our attempts at continued discipline with Connor have taken a colorful turn.... Connor thinks her chore chart is super cool. When I was little I had a "Star Chart" that was similar and would earn red, silver and gold stars as grades. I remember jumping up and down when I earned a GOLD star cheering "Gold star! Gold star! Gold star!" We are still working to devise our system - the criteria and methodology. But it definitely is a hit with Connor and the threat of "not earning a star" certainly seems to carry weight for now.
Have I mentioned that we have totally discovered the wonders of dress up the past couple of weeks. Connor is a big fan especially of any satin dresses like these....they feel just like her muh-muh blanket. She had me in stitches the other day watching Snow White in her princess gown belting out, "Someday my Prince will come"
Never a dull moment around here!

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