Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ooh Eee Ohh Aah Aah, Fun with Lin Lin and Paw Paw

We were family-deprived for so long living abroad with an ocean in between we are making every effort to get some 'Good Grandparent Time' in to catch up. Recently Lin Lin and Paw Paw came to the A-T-L for a weekend at our house.

Our first adventure was a doozie. We braved the Decatur Beach Party in high 90 degree weather. Having missed it every year we lived here, I wanted to check out the night when Main Street fills with sand.

It was HOT, HOT, HOT! I am not sure any of us were ready for the intense heat, nor were we dressed for it. This event required bathing suits and a slip and slide to avoid melting and sweating. We smiled and made the best of it. Connor had fun digging and playing on the inflatables. But the crowds and heat ultimately led us to an early departure. We did get a enjoy the band though who sang The Witch Doctor song. The OOH EEE OHH AAH AAH TING TANG WALLA WADA BING BANG stuck in our head all night. Lin Lin and Connor had fun with those silly words! Click here to hear the song - then it will stick your mind all night too!

See those sweet, rosy cheeks? Results of a fun time had!

Fanning Connor gave her the giggles!
The day was a scorcher, but I loved the way the clouds looked.
A highlight of having Lin Lin and Paw Paw come to town is having Clay tag along. Poor Clay. Connor literally HANGS on his tail. Her absence of dog fear amazes and astounds me. I was a dog wus when I was her age. But then again Clay is a super duper playmate.

Connor showed off her ABC abilities.
While waiting to leave for church Lin Lin played Princess Cards with Connor. There was a version of Memory, Go Fish, and Crazy 8 all with Princess characters... Just like Meme did for me, Mom is well on her way to making a card shark out of Connor.

Lin Lin and Paw Paw lived the weekend to the fullest. We went for long walks, played on the Piedmont Park playground and had fun showing off our newest neck of the woods to them in our temporary neighborhood!

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