Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Board Guilt

Connor's teachers have a Family Board poster for each and every child hanging in the classroom. I assume the kids have fun pointing out family members and it brings comfort during the day when the waves of missing Mom, Dad or Grandma come. It is a project right up my alley, yet 10 weeks had passed of the teachers asking me to bring in photos. I had not printed ANY photos in two years and it always seemed to slip my mind in our hustle and bustle. Well this weekend I made it my goal to finally get our Family Board together.
I think the teachers were a little overwhelmed when we brought in the final product. But I just couldn't hold back. And anything worth doing is worth doing well. Our family is of course defined by parents, grandparents, and siblings - but also by wonderful friends from all around the world.
Connor has had fun pointing out her loved ones to teachers and friends. They hung her board right next to the room's "climber" where the kids play.
Another fun sign of summer - we have homegrown tomatoes ripening in our kitchen window! Great Grandpa Charlie grew them for us. They make me smile. I can't wait to make a fresh caprese salad or top a juicy burger with our yummy tomatoes.


  1. OH.MY.GOSH do I loooooove that photo board!!!!!!!!

    (And the 'maters!)

  2. The photo board is awesome! And I see Thomas and me in there... Tell Connor we miss her.