Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swimming Like A Fish

Connor is taking swimming lessons this month. Two nights a week with some of her buds from her school classroom. They are all little fish now in the water. While I wouldn't give the lessons perfect scores in terms of instruction, it has been a task in learning patience as each waits for the others to take their turn.
The hardest part for me is that Connor has NO FEAR! None. She knows how to hold her breath and can actually independently go under and get back up. She has just enough confidence to give me great fear. The other kids in her class fear putting their face in the water. Connor has the opposite problem and DOESN'T fear.
So we are scrambling to impart tecnique into my fearless fish as soon as and as quickly as possible.
Learning to kick with straight legs is not intuitive...
Here is how the three waiting kiddos hold onto the side of the pool and wait for Mr. Justin to come get them. I thought I wouldn't have to dress out for these lessons, but with Connor being so bold in the water I can't afford not to.
She is so funny with her little friends. She loves them so!By the time the lesson is over the children are all water-logged. And HUNGRY!We rotate families bringing dinner to share and plate up the food as quickly as possible.With full tummies the energy tanks pop right back to high and the kids run around and up and down this cement strip until they are delirious from exhaustion.Swim lessons keep the rhythm of our week exciting!

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