Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday USA!

I am a sucker for the 4th of July and all things patriotic. Always have been - ever since I learned "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land" in grade school. We live in the best country in the world. Having lived abroad I see it from both the outside in and the inside out. We are so very lucky! And we were thrilled to be back this year to wave our red, white and blue.

Kirk's parents came to town for the holiday weekend. What a nice change of pace to have them come to us. We were relieved to stay put and not have to pack a suitcase and a wiggly three-year-old for a road trip. There is something wonderful about hosting your parents and showing them the life you have built for yourself.

Kirk ran in the Peachtree Road Race on Sunday - the largest 10K in the world, with 55K participants! Somehow he sped along for a final time of 58 minutes. Not too shabby! Here he is at the starting line getting ready...The Atlanta skyline shimmers from all over Piedmont park. Cara, Poppa Ed, Connor and I met Kirk at the finish line to hug our sweaty racer guy. Along with 55,000 other sweaty runners!Connor insisted on bringing her baby to the park to greet Daddy. We played on the playground as we waited.A big sweaty bear hug!!! Who could ask for anything more?!?The race is all about the t-shirt. This year's design features a juicy Georgia peach with an outline of the Atlanta skyline. Connor showed off the prized new shirt!After the race we bought sandwiches and had lunch at the pool. Connor is a little fish. She loves going all the way under. She is fearless. If only she had some swimming techniques to go with her daring, sinking dives. Connor especially loved showing off for Cara and Poppa Ed. We played 'Ring Around the Rosie' and Connor was convinced that Poppa Ed was her "boat" as he swam her all around. She kept saying "Hey boat, get back over here, boat!" It was very strange, but Poppa Ed might forever forward be affectionately known as Connor's "boat"!!!
While everyone napped Cara and I made this flag cake. I have always wanted to make one and decided this was our year. Look out Martha Stewart!
What you can't see behind this photo is all the effort that went into the cake. It came out of the pan in 10 pieces! Thankfully the icing made effective glue, Cara taught me how to make a good 'crumb layer' and the fruit on top hid a world of cake sin (as did three cans of icing).Our sweet friends, Hailey and Jack, hosted a rockin' Decatur cookout in their front yard. We were so happy to be included. There were neighbors and babies all around!Connor made herself right at home.Ahem, Hailey is 9 months pregnant and somehow managed to be a gracious hostess with loving details like fresh lemonade and festive decor.My cake even had a place of honor on the dessert table. It went over well - despite all the mishaps that went into constructing it!Dogs with bandanas...And a little backyard baseball...Made the evening just right!We rounded out the night with sparklers. The kids handled it great and seemed to be fully in the festive mood!And after all the sparklers, sidewalk chalk, hot dogs, and games we could possibly squeeze into the night we settled in to watch the local fireworks.It was a special night. We were so happy Poppa Ed and Cara could join us so we could show them off to our friends. Cara wrote me the perfect email that summed it up well...

Thanks for such a great Independence Day weekend! We loved meeting so many of your friends and their children. We are ever grateful for your good fortune in finding so many wonderful friends. I like getting to know "the village" that will help raise Connor! Give Connor hugs and kisses from Cara and her "boat"!
Yep we are blessed with friends who are family. What a happy "village" we are! Here's hoping you had a terrific 4th also!

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  1. Connor looks really adorable in her festive outfit. Happy 4th to you guys!