Friday, July 9, 2010

PJ Party at School

Last week was PAJAMA DAY at School. We let our little Peanut pick out the jammies she wanted to wear. Of course she chose the hottest, heaviest set we have. Pink fleece "STRIPES" with long sleeves and long pants. Ummm.... It was 90 degrees! But who were we to dash hopes when Connor was so proud of her STRIPES!?
We took her to school and the class had a "Sleepover" for their naptime where they all slept in the Atrium room. Nothing like shaking up naptime! We did pack some lighterweight PJs which Connor cleverly changed to during the day. But the snuggles from my STRIPES girl were precious that morning.
Hooray for Pajama Day!


  1. Reid, *you* look GORGEOUS in these pics!

  2. Hehe, Thomas has pajama day at work every year on the day after their company Christmas party. I'm not sure he's as cute as Connor is in hers. :) Love her little pigtails! And you look great all dressed up and professional!