Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mayfield Dairy

Recently we went with Connor's friend, Sylvie, to the Mayfield Dairy.  It is about an hour away and I had such high hopes for cows and high energy action.  My aunt took me to a farm with a dairy when I was Connor's age and it is still a favorite memory.  So along with Sylvie's mom we packed the car and drove full of hope about the grand dairy adventure to come...
I gotta be honest though.  The Mayfield folks have a great product and company - but their factory tour leaves a lot to be desired.  The highlights are a fake brown cow, getting to wear hairnets, and eating ice cream.  But other than that it is a quick 2 room tour and no cows!  Us moms were a little perplexed given our long journey - but the girls didn't seem to care.

Any place with an ice cream counter in January was treat enough for them!

Not exactly what I was planning, but still a good daytime adventure!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Mornings with Our Little Acrobat

It is just Connor and me these days with Kirk snowed under at work.  Before children I would always come up with a "Busy Season Project" and/or trip to keep me busy too.  But with Connor around I have enough to keep my hands full!  Saturday mornings these days are Gymnastics Mornings at the Y.  She is pretty cute in her leotards and definitely fearless in her moves.

 The facility has a little bit of everything.  There are many little groups in there and they move from station to station turning flips and jumping around.  The only downfall is there really isn't much space for parents to watch.  We have to walk the above track to catch a glimpse of our budding gymnasts.
 The space is very busy.  Parking presents major challenges.  The gym is divided with gymnastics on one end and basketball on the other.  It is quite the operation on Saturday mornings!

 Connor seems to enjoy the class.  I enjoy watching her strut her stuff.

Look out Mary Lou!

Loving on Anmama

We spent the last weekend loving on Kirk's grandmother, Anmama, and celebrating her 80th birthday!  It was a grand birthday brunch with family from all over.  Kirk unfortunately had to work so Connor and I flew up to Raleigh for all the family fun.  
 Look at Kirk's beautiful cousins!  They have certainly changed a lot since being flower girls at our wedding.  The best part is their beauty is as evident from the inside as on the outside.  They will always hold a special place in my heart.  (Note:  I am definitely starting to show this pregnancy!  Especially next to these skinny minis!)
 Cara and Connor share some special time in the midst of it all.
 Connor adores her uncles' significant others - we love China and Katherine!
 Birthday cake time!  Just what Connor was waiting for!  She stepped right up with Anmama to help serve the yummy slices.

 After all that hard work she settled in with her long-awaited piece!

Anmama's FIVE loving children!  What a fun family!
The birthday girl with all of her granddaughters!  4 granddaughters out of 14 grandchildren!
Right in line with the Valentine theme...There were many adorable young couples at the party...
Davis and Katherine
Corey and Michael
Evan and China
Anmama and her Grandsons (not all, but the ones who were there!)
At one point we all piled outside for a group photo.  Happy Birthday Anmama!