Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mayfield Dairy

Recently we went with Connor's friend, Sylvie, to the Mayfield Dairy.  It is about an hour away and I had such high hopes for cows and high energy action.  My aunt took me to a farm with a dairy when I was Connor's age and it is still a favorite memory.  So along with Sylvie's mom we packed the car and drove full of hope about the grand dairy adventure to come...
I gotta be honest though.  The Mayfield folks have a great product and company - but their factory tour leaves a lot to be desired.  The highlights are a fake brown cow, getting to wear hairnets, and eating ice cream.  But other than that it is a quick 2 room tour and no cows!  Us moms were a little perplexed given our long journey - but the girls didn't seem to care.

Any place with an ice cream counter in January was treat enough for them!

Not exactly what I was planning, but still a good daytime adventure!

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