Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Frazer Fashion!

I have been on my longest blogging break since I started blogging several years ago.  It has been a busy time for our household.  I am now 25 weeks pregnant with our son and juggling it all has kept me on my toes - and off my blog!    

Last week Connor's school had a Spring Fashion Show.  It was great fun seeing Connor and all her little friends strutting their stuff along the catwalk.  There were many different interpretations of "Spring" fashion:  swimsuits, sundresses, and princess costumes all around!
 Sylvie flashes her Miss America wave!
 Madeline wins the award for the best face!
 Our little princess glows in her Sleeping Beauty dress!  She LOVES dress up these days.

 Kimball with the shirttail out look!
 Maury focuses on the ceiling.
 Sophia rocks the high heels!
 Sullivan flirts with the crowd!
 Sydney snuggles with her mom.

The next 4 photos are my favorites.  After the formal program the kiddos danced up and down the aisle.  Maury and Connor had me and my big belly in stitches!

 Then the pack moved from dancing and being silly to running full force in a pack up and down and tearing up the aisle.  What else would you expect from preschoolers?!?

It was a fun, fashionable afternoon!

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