Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sprung Spring and Green Grass

We are relishing the past month of low key weekends.  No travel.  Accomplishing tasks. Soaking in the blooming flowers, our neighbors, and "nesting" away as we anticipate a new baby coming.  A couple of weeks ago Kirk pulled out the sprinkler to let Connor jump around in the yard.  (Can you believe it was so warm in March?!?)
 Take note of these photos.  And the non-grass.  It was a casualty left by our renters.  Void of grass and becoming overrun with weeds.  Made for a depressing greeting as we come and go.  But...
 Connor had fun nonetheless!  She loved leaping over the water spray.  Grass or no grass!

 Compare the above with the below.  Same Connor...  Same bathing suit...  Same warm, wonderful sun, NEW GRASS!!!  We had our yard sodded this weekend.  A major investment for us, but the payback is so instantaneous.  Made for better barefoot sprinkler leaping!

  Also this weekend Lin-Lin came to visit.  As a special treat we tried our hand at dying Easter eggs.  It has been years and years since I did this last.  Connor thought the stickers and glitter were the best.

We only lost two to cracks and dropping them on the floor (along with the entire container of pink dye - oops!)  We are still a little early for Easter I bet.  Anyone know how long you can keep hard boiled eggs on display before they start to rot?

Thanks Mom for a fun weekend.  Connor will always remember she dyed her first eggs with you!

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