Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg Hunt with Friends

Connor awoke Easter morning alert and searching for signs of the Easter bunny.  My very favorite time of the day is when she comes bounding into our bed full force and burrows under the covers.  It is a rare moment to squeeze and snuggle her before the activity of the day makes her wriggle away.  On Sunday we even had a moment to talk about why we celebrate Easter.  I told her it was the day Jesus went to Heaven to be with God.  That may be just enough for this age.  But it seemed to stick and I was happy to insert the meaning before the jelly beans took over.
Kirk set up the video camera and captured these sweet moments of finding the Easter bunny surprise.  Our bunny went low key on the sugar (aside from the obligatory Peeps!) in favor of some toys and some new swim gear.

We had a ball trying to stack the "Tower of Bunnies" - it was sort of like a Jenga game.  We stacked them and then tried to remove one by one without the entire tower falling.
At church we found the cross and brought our flower to attach.  It made me feel old and settled to have backyard azaleas to clip and bring.  Kinda made me think of my grandmother who used to do this for me. 

Our sweet daughter - it didn't feel right to take her to the nursery today.  It felt like a time to be together as a family.  So we dared to take her to the service with us - sitting strategically on the side in case we had a sugar surge.  But she did great.  She got up and joined the kids at the altar for the baptism, going and coming all by herself.  And the part that made me cry was singing the hymns with her.  She caught on quickly to the "Allelujah" routine in the "Jesus Christ Has Risen Today - Allelujah" part.

For dinner we had Aidan and Maury join us with their families for an egg hunt.  Connor adores these boys.  They are off and play together so nicely.  The dads hid the eggs after dinner and they really got into it!

Sarah and Griffin are the little siblings.  Don't worry you two!  We will have a third to go with your generation of babes in July!
The daddies were a little unfair with some of their hiding spots.  I don't think these atop the arbor were realistic.  We had fun laughing as the children tried to shake them down!
Maury found one up in a tree!

What a perfect Springtime night.  While the kids watched a movie we sat on the front lawn and talked until dark.  We missed our families over Easter.  But our family of friends made for a wonderful evening.

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