Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Little Fish

Connor has had an interesting start to the swim season.  Last summer she had zero fear.  It was scary to us.  She would literally jump in anytime, any place and we had to work diligently to scare her about what would happen if she didn't take precaution. 

This year we restarted swim lessons and the fear came out of nowhere - surprising all of us.  It was like a different child had been born.  But after 10ish lessons her confidence is seemingly back.  See this video from her last lesson.  Lots of treading water, but remarkably little flailing/struggling/screaming.  It is going to be a fun summer for our little fish!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg Hunt with Friends

Connor awoke Easter morning alert and searching for signs of the Easter bunny.  My very favorite time of the day is when she comes bounding into our bed full force and burrows under the covers.  It is a rare moment to squeeze and snuggle her before the activity of the day makes her wriggle away.  On Sunday we even had a moment to talk about why we celebrate Easter.  I told her it was the day Jesus went to Heaven to be with God.  That may be just enough for this age.  But it seemed to stick and I was happy to insert the meaning before the jelly beans took over.
Kirk set up the video camera and captured these sweet moments of finding the Easter bunny surprise.  Our bunny went low key on the sugar (aside from the obligatory Peeps!) in favor of some toys and some new swim gear.

We had a ball trying to stack the "Tower of Bunnies" - it was sort of like a Jenga game.  We stacked them and then tried to remove one by one without the entire tower falling.
At church we found the cross and brought our flower to attach.  It made me feel old and settled to have backyard azaleas to clip and bring.  Kinda made me think of my grandmother who used to do this for me. 

Our sweet daughter - it didn't feel right to take her to the nursery today.  It felt like a time to be together as a family.  So we dared to take her to the service with us - sitting strategically on the side in case we had a sugar surge.  But she did great.  She got up and joined the kids at the altar for the baptism, going and coming all by herself.  And the part that made me cry was singing the hymns with her.  She caught on quickly to the "Allelujah" routine in the "Jesus Christ Has Risen Today - Allelujah" part.

For dinner we had Aidan and Maury join us with their families for an egg hunt.  Connor adores these boys.  They are off and play together so nicely.  The dads hid the eggs after dinner and they really got into it!

Sarah and Griffin are the little siblings.  Don't worry you two!  We will have a third to go with your generation of babes in July!
The daddies were a little unfair with some of their hiding spots.  I don't think these atop the arbor were realistic.  We had fun laughing as the children tried to shake them down!
Maury found one up in a tree!

What a perfect Springtime night.  While the kids watched a movie we sat on the front lawn and talked until dark.  We missed our families over Easter.  But our family of friends made for a wonderful evening.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at Church

I am not sure we have ever been home for Easter.  This year we made a point of avoiding travel and staying home to enjoy our church Easter celebration.  Today was the little kids' egg hunt.  The event started with a yummy breakfast inside in anticipation of the eggs that were to come.  
 I was so pleased during our breakfast with 360 other folks that we actually knew many of them!  Our efforts to commit to a Sunday school class this year are paying off.  To have a community of young families to care about and for makes the church feel even more of a home.

 After our meal the children gathered in the front to watch a few quick Easter movies.  There were a lot of kiddos!  How touching this older girl grabbed Connor and held her on her lap.

 The movie-watching was just the start of Connor's independence.  When it was time to line up in the "3 and 4" year old line and parade to the hunt site Connor was off like lightning.  She told the leader and her little friend - "My mom is back there somewhere" - Ha!  Who needs a pregnant mom when there are eggs and candy ahead?!?

 We lined up at the top of the massive hill that fronts our church.  The eggs were dispersed all over the grass in front of them.  Talk about temptation!
 While the younger kids stayed up top to run down the hill the older grades were instructed to cross the lawn and to climb up the hill for the hunt.  The little kids at the top looking down and the older ones below looking up!

 On your mark.  Get set.  Go!!!
 Connor immediately took off at the speed of light down the hill (thank goodness she didn't fall).  She didn't realize the goal was to fill her basket with eggs.  She thought it was some kind of race!

 At the bottom of the hill though she caught on and managed to find 6 eggs!

 This is a rare pregnancy pic I am sharing.  Most of these days I am hiding from any camera lens.  I am 29 weeks along now.  Definitely looking puffy!  Definitely excited to meet our son and welcome him into our family.
Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coloring Cookies

I spied these in the grocery store and knew my little one would eat them up - literally!  They are Easter egg cookies you first color with food color markers!  Indeed it was a special Friday evening treat.  We colored away and then ate.
  Connor got as much on her hand as on the cookie.  Good thing we saved her bath for after dinner.

 Here is what came in the package.  "Color-a-Cookie" markers and cookies beckoning for color.  We are just hoping Connor gets the difference between these special edible markers and the others she uses that aren't made for tasting!
Bring on Easter!  This weekend is Palm Sunday - one of my favorites at church.  I can't wait to share it with Connor.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sprung Spring and Green Grass

We are relishing the past month of low key weekends.  No travel.  Accomplishing tasks. Soaking in the blooming flowers, our neighbors, and "nesting" away as we anticipate a new baby coming.  A couple of weeks ago Kirk pulled out the sprinkler to let Connor jump around in the yard.  (Can you believe it was so warm in March?!?)
 Take note of these photos.  And the non-grass.  It was a casualty left by our renters.  Void of grass and becoming overrun with weeds.  Made for a depressing greeting as we come and go.  But...
 Connor had fun nonetheless!  She loved leaping over the water spray.  Grass or no grass!

 Compare the above with the below.  Same Connor...  Same bathing suit...  Same warm, wonderful sun, NEW GRASS!!!  We had our yard sodded this weekend.  A major investment for us, but the payback is so instantaneous.  Made for better barefoot sprinkler leaping!

  Also this weekend Lin-Lin came to visit.  As a special treat we tried our hand at dying Easter eggs.  It has been years and years since I did this last.  Connor thought the stickers and glitter were the best.

We only lost two to cracks and dropping them on the floor (along with the entire container of pink dye - oops!)  We are still a little early for Easter I bet.  Anyone know how long you can keep hard boiled eggs on display before they start to rot?

Thanks Mom for a fun weekend.  Connor will always remember she dyed her first eggs with you!