Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LEGENDary Friends!

Even with our Golf Legends we still managed to squeeze in time with some LEGENDary friends. Karen, Tony and Brady have moved back to the USA and they live in our hometown. What a special treat - Karen and Brady joined us for dinner Sat night after the Golf tournament.

It wasn't long before these old friends were two peas in a pod playing together.Connor has missed Brady, can ya tell?!? Brussels Best Friends reunite! What a flirt!

After a big Saturday we decided to lay low on Sunday. Connor played with olide goldie toys in her PJs while the guys read the paper. Oh what bliss.

Then it was time to bid our adieu after our 24 hours home and turn around and come back...goodbyes are never fun.

We had to wake our still-sleeping uncles for goodbye hugs.

On the way home we circled up for a big life milestone event. My dear friend, Adair, in Greensboro gave birth to her second child earlier in the week. A stunning baby girl. Somehow those post partum hormones must have given Adair superwoman energy because not only did she birth this child but she also had her baptized 4 days after birth. We joined their families for a Baptismal Lunch Celebration.

Will and Connor had a ball together!
The proud Grandmamas and Grandpoppas!
God Bless Baby Adaiah! Welcome to the Christian community AND Happy Birthday! What a week.

We are blessed with terrific friends and loved ones influencing the course of our lives. God clearly meant for us to be friends with Adair and Eric. Congrats guys!

Golf Legends

Look out Phil and Tiger. Your golf skills are being tested! This past weekend Kirk, Connor and I returned to NC so Kirk could compete with his brothers in a "Legends of Jr. Golf" Tournament.

On the way we spent the night with Kirk's aunt and uncle in Charlotte. There Connor was lavished with adoration and kisses. They are a super special family - not just our relatives, but dear friends. We stayed up into the wee morning hours chatting and catching up! Their girls were flower girls in our wedding many moons ago and now they are budding, beautiful teenagers.When we got to Cara's house we indulged in yummy french toast like only Cara can make it! Connor ate every bite - although she insisted on eating it with jam instead of syrup?
Jr. Golf is a league the brothers participated in as children and preteens.
They were very good golfers and won many Jr. Golf awards as young tikes...which cleverly adorned the dining room as a centerpiece.
The photo memories were out in force too! Here is Kirk in his golf glory days.
And Uncle Davis...
Kirk and Ryan in their hip and happening 80s blazers...
And look at them now! Unfortunately Davis couldn't make it to join in the fun, but Ed and his three sons were quite the sight.
They were all ready for their "Legends" with a calligraphy'd scoreboard designating the foursomes.
Connor was quick to jump right in and give her dad some putting pointers as he warmed up.
And oh all the men. We weren't sure where all the Lady Jr. Golf Legends were, but there was a great showing of the guys - I would say 50 or so strong!
While the brothers paired up and got in game mode, Cara and Poppa Ed, Connor and I all 4 squished into a 2 man golf cart and followed them around. It was my first time riding through a golf course on a cart with the wind in my hair. I found it a peaceful and relaxing way to enjoy the sport - even in the sweltering heat. Ed snuggled Connor on his lap and looked at me saying, "Don't worry, I've done this before!" And with 4 strapping lads to show for his efforts I knew we were safe.
Kirk finished the tournament 'not last' and the brothers seemed to enjoy each other, old friends, and the day on the green. We followed them for 4 holes or so, then us ladies were off to cool off in the pool where Connor fearlessly went down the water slide by herself three times in a row (to her mom's utter shock and disbelief). I caught her at the end and I am not sure whose heart raced faster - her's or mine. We may have another future legend on our hands with Connor's activity and energy level sky high!

Monday, June 28, 2010

End of Year Water Party

Connor loves her renewed time at school. I say "renew" because she is new to the specific classroom but returned to the school she attended from age 4 months to 18 months when we left to live abroad. Her time as one of a dozen kids in a classroom gives her time to shake her sillies out and perfect that sharing skill!Last week was the "End of Year" Water Party. Kirk and I were both able to scoot away from work a little early to partake in the fun, active, messy (!) activities. Connor was pretty cute showing off all of her friends to us. I think it funny that she really shows no preference between genders in her friendships. Connor can be a girlie-girl while also hanging with rough and tumble boys!

The bubble station was absolutely incredible. The 'Wonder Bubbles' folk have come a long, long way with bubble technology since I was a kid.

Sprinklers and face painting on a grueling hot summer day.

Add a table of shaving cream into the mix and oh what fun it is!
The added Food Coloring made the activity even more intriguing.

Connor the Kitty Cat with her head teacher, Miss Yolanda.
The cherry on top in the torrential heat was the ice cream sundae.
Dear teachers - I give thanks for you. For the way you are teaching my child and keeping her safe. For engaging her mind and spirit. And for loving her like your own.
We may have caught only the tail end of this "year" but what a year it has already been.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trinity Bike Night

We attended our very first "Bike Night" at church tonight. Anything catered by the Atlanta instiution, The Varsity, is bound to draw a crowd. We have been determined to find our way back into the everyday life of our church after living abroad. So off we headed with Connor's plastic bike packed in the trunk dashing off after work and school to check out Bike Night. We stepped out on our own knowing no one else who would be there - and with the goal of meeting new families. We had an uphill start battling Atlanta traffic seperately at rush hour through a torrential storm trying to foil our plans of getting across town. Then at dinner Connor was stung by a bee on her back - inside! We were a little nervous given her allergies to see her possible reaction to her first ever yellowjacket enounter. Thankfully she was just stunned at first and an orange popsicle took that sting right away. Connor was a tough cookie. I was very proud of my brave girl.

After dinner we made our way out under the now clearing skies and let loose in the parking lot with Connor and her bike (along with many puddles!)Note to self. Next time we are packing for Bike Night be sure to be like most responsible moms these days and bring a helmet. I was a little mortified at all the safety conscious moms and there was Connor biking with all those "big kids" in her paper Varsity hat.But that didn't hold her back in the least. Oh no! She was off with those big kids, pushing away on her bike without pedals just like Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble!And loving every moment of it!I am sure I will blink my eyes and we will have graduated to this.......but for now my little peanut is proud and lovin life on her little plastic Belgian $5 push bike!