Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Golf Legends

Look out Phil and Tiger. Your golf skills are being tested! This past weekend Kirk, Connor and I returned to NC so Kirk could compete with his brothers in a "Legends of Jr. Golf" Tournament.

On the way we spent the night with Kirk's aunt and uncle in Charlotte. There Connor was lavished with adoration and kisses. They are a super special family - not just our relatives, but dear friends. We stayed up into the wee morning hours chatting and catching up! Their girls were flower girls in our wedding many moons ago and now they are budding, beautiful teenagers.When we got to Cara's house we indulged in yummy french toast like only Cara can make it! Connor ate every bite - although she insisted on eating it with jam instead of syrup?
Jr. Golf is a league the brothers participated in as children and preteens.
They were very good golfers and won many Jr. Golf awards as young tikes...which cleverly adorned the dining room as a centerpiece.
The photo memories were out in force too! Here is Kirk in his golf glory days.
And Uncle Davis...
Kirk and Ryan in their hip and happening 80s blazers...
And look at them now! Unfortunately Davis couldn't make it to join in the fun, but Ed and his three sons were quite the sight.
They were all ready for their "Legends" with a calligraphy'd scoreboard designating the foursomes.
Connor was quick to jump right in and give her dad some putting pointers as he warmed up.
And oh all the men. We weren't sure where all the Lady Jr. Golf Legends were, but there was a great showing of the guys - I would say 50 or so strong!
While the brothers paired up and got in game mode, Cara and Poppa Ed, Connor and I all 4 squished into a 2 man golf cart and followed them around. It was my first time riding through a golf course on a cart with the wind in my hair. I found it a peaceful and relaxing way to enjoy the sport - even in the sweltering heat. Ed snuggled Connor on his lap and looked at me saying, "Don't worry, I've done this before!" And with 4 strapping lads to show for his efforts I knew we were safe.
Kirk finished the tournament 'not last' and the brothers seemed to enjoy each other, old friends, and the day on the green. We followed them for 4 holes or so, then us ladies were off to cool off in the pool where Connor fearlessly went down the water slide by herself three times in a row (to her mom's utter shock and disbelief). I caught her at the end and I am not sure whose heart raced faster - her's or mine. We may have another future legend on our hands with Connor's activity and energy level sky high!

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