Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hot Fun in the Summertime (Summerfest 2010)

I love the weekend. Being back to work I love the weekends all the more. The "S" days pretty much rule the week. And being back in the South means we get to have weekends like these...

I love living in a hydrangea neighborhood. Pink ones, blue ones, purple and every shade in between are absolutely everywhere. And that brings out my Southern smile. I used to window gawk at the windows of Avenue Louise in Brussels. Now I am taken with the adorable, neighborly window displays nearby. The boutique shops all around sell all things cute and whimsical and wonderful. And of course I love this.
Even a redhead flying a kite! Gotta love it!
This upscale knitting store makes me want to take up some knitting needles and learn with the brightly colored yarn lollipops!
This past weekend was our neighborhood's "Summerfest" - we soaked in lots of hot fun in the summertime.
Kirk ran in the neighborhood 5K. We went to cheer him on. I loved the image of this policeman guarding the starting line with the green trees all around. Definitely a Southern shot.
And they're off! We staked a place right in front of this magnolia and cheered the runners on either side scanning the crowd for Daddy.
Soon we spied him behind the ponytail. I love that he spied us too!
I love that Connor sported her first full ponytail. Of course the next day we took her for a haircut so we will have to work back up to this length.
I love that after Kirk's race Connor got her race number for the Tot Trot.
She was proud of her number 39!
Dad helped her stretch and limber up before the big race.The one-year-olds raced first......then the two and finally the three-year-olds...Go Connor go!Not at the front but goin' strong nonetheless...What a face of pride. Poor guy behind her took a little tumble.I love that no matter who came in what they all received a blue 1st place ribbon.And of course it was all about the t-shirt!We walked back home through the artist tents. I love we have this type of local art to enjoy. I love the painting of the dog cocking his head in the back of this booth.And these funky flowers would certainly help make a bold landscaping statement.I can't tell you how much a I loved this painting. It was enormous and if I had more money or wall space I would have bought it in a heartbeat. How can it not make you happy?!?Later in the day we returned to the festival to hear the bands with our next door neighbor friends. I loved the groovy beat as we enjoyed our babes on a lazy hot day.Baby Jack will melt your heart with his smile and blue eyes!I love that later we went to our neighborhood pool and Connor sported a hand-me-down bikini!I loved everything about this weekend. The homey, humid, friendly feeling is perfectly fitting for our family.

Click here for full album photos of our Summerfest Weekend

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  1. Art Festivals like that are something I really miss from living in the US. I wonder if that's just a Southeastern thing or if they're all over the country.