Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Cabin in the Woods

Another great weekend relaxing and away with friends...this time in the North Carolina mountains in a little cabin in the woods, near the town of Marion on Hidden Lake. We met up with dear, sweet friends beating the heat in this luxury cabin. Three families - six parents - with a combined kid count of FIVE under five! The wrap around porch was muggy even in the mountains. But that didn't stop us from enjoying a cool glass of wine rocking away and laughing while the kiddos slurped sticky, drippy banana popsicles.
Both of the other moms worked with Kirk years ago. The C's have moved to Durham, NC and the E's to Charlotte, NC - yet the bond of professional turned personal friendship among our families remain. We hung out last pre-babies, so it was astounding to sit back and see our brood.We split up the meals determined not to have to leave the house even once. Chuck, the gourmet chef, made us a mouth-watering pasta casserole dinner that tasted like something straight from Tuscany followed by a delicious bacon and eggs breakfast the next morning. It hit the spot before a strenuous day of laughter and fun.I got to read stories with a lap FULL of girls! Lucky, lucky me.Katie with Finn. Finn was the baby in the crowd but he certainly held his own.Connor and Carter played with the bouncy red ball forever. We had several "ball overboard" times where the Dads had to rescue it though. Carter is only 5 days older than Connor.It wasn't long til the entire group joined in the late morning ball fun in their nightgowns and PJs. Rachel was one step ahead with her bathing suit already on.Pretty soon Lane peeled off her nightgown in the hot midday sun. Connor of course had to do the same. She worshiped these older girls!Our rocking chair crew!It wasn't long before we were dripping hot so we piled in the back of Katie's minivan and drove around the corner to the pool.The cool water felt great. We even had a few goosebumps from the wet shade...which was a welcome change from from the stifling heat. Connor and Katie drew this blue dinosaur next to the pool. We took a turn after the pool on the adjacent playground. Connor surprises us more and more everyday. Her agility and balance has improved drastically since going back to school. She seems more sturdy and independent. My baby girl is growing right up!After a long 3 hour nap Connor snuggled in with her daddy to watch the end of the USA vs England World Cup game. It is odd not to be in Europe when the "football" (soccer) fever reaches its 4 year crescendo. Europeans are so fanatical about the sport. The USA/England tie was a great start for our team.Connor was pretty proud of her shoes. It didn't take long though til she realized I was right when I told her they were on the wrong feet!I was proud of how well Connor played with the big girls and them with her. This magnet doll toy was a huge hit.And again Connor slept in the closet. When we took her to school this AM and her teacher asked what she had done this weekend, Connor promptly replied "I slept in the closet!" Kirk said it was a little awkward while he tried to explain. But I mean this truly was a pretty wonderful closet bed!
We had a full fun weekend. Moving back to the USA and nurturing our standing friendships has been a welcome treat. I hope this will be the start of a long tradition of togetherness.


  1. Sounds like a perfect relaxing weekend!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these great photos. How sweet the kids look! It was a wonderful weekend, so glad we could make it happen! - Katie