Monday, June 28, 2010

End of Year Water Party

Connor loves her renewed time at school. I say "renew" because she is new to the specific classroom but returned to the school she attended from age 4 months to 18 months when we left to live abroad. Her time as one of a dozen kids in a classroom gives her time to shake her sillies out and perfect that sharing skill!Last week was the "End of Year" Water Party. Kirk and I were both able to scoot away from work a little early to partake in the fun, active, messy (!) activities. Connor was pretty cute showing off all of her friends to us. I think it funny that she really shows no preference between genders in her friendships. Connor can be a girlie-girl while also hanging with rough and tumble boys!

The bubble station was absolutely incredible. The 'Wonder Bubbles' folk have come a long, long way with bubble technology since I was a kid.

Sprinklers and face painting on a grueling hot summer day.

Add a table of shaving cream into the mix and oh what fun it is!
The added Food Coloring made the activity even more intriguing.

Connor the Kitty Cat with her head teacher, Miss Yolanda.
The cherry on top in the torrential heat was the ice cream sundae.
Dear teachers - I give thanks for you. For the way you are teaching my child and keeping her safe. For engaging her mind and spirit. And for loving her like your own.
We may have caught only the tail end of this "year" but what a year it has already been.

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