Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All Clean and Wrapped Up Like a Terry Cloth Burrito

No photo will ever do this time of day justice! But it is my absolute favorite and I never want to forget it. Every night I am in charge of day care pick up and dinner...Kirk is in charge of Connor's bath and doing the dishes. It is a nice give and take.

Anyway by the time bath is done I am usually at the computer doing this or that. EVERY TIME and every night when she gets out of the bath Connor scampers out to me with peals of spontaneous, unexplained laughter. She is wrapped up tight like a burrito in her towel and thinks it is the absolute funniest thing. It isn't long before we are all laughing about nothing at all. It is the silly happy time of day. She must be tickled by not being able to move her arms around. My little terrycloth burrito!

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