Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trinity Bike Night

We attended our very first "Bike Night" at church tonight. Anything catered by the Atlanta instiution, The Varsity, is bound to draw a crowd. We have been determined to find our way back into the everyday life of our church after living abroad. So off we headed with Connor's plastic bike packed in the trunk dashing off after work and school to check out Bike Night. We stepped out on our own knowing no one else who would be there - and with the goal of meeting new families. We had an uphill start battling Atlanta traffic seperately at rush hour through a torrential storm trying to foil our plans of getting across town. Then at dinner Connor was stung by a bee on her back - inside! We were a little nervous given her allergies to see her possible reaction to her first ever yellowjacket enounter. Thankfully she was just stunned at first and an orange popsicle took that sting right away. Connor was a tough cookie. I was very proud of my brave girl.

After dinner we made our way out under the now clearing skies and let loose in the parking lot with Connor and her bike (along with many puddles!)Note to self. Next time we are packing for Bike Night be sure to be like most responsible moms these days and bring a helmet. I was a little mortified at all the safety conscious moms and there was Connor biking with all those "big kids" in her paper Varsity hat.But that didn't hold her back in the least. Oh no! She was off with those big kids, pushing away on her bike without pedals just like Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble!And loving every moment of it!I am sure I will blink my eyes and we will have graduated to this.......but for now my little peanut is proud and lovin life on her little plastic Belgian $5 push bike!

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