Monday, May 31, 2010

Babysuits and Sunscream!

All moms want to hold on to their kids' funny lingo. This weekend we were with friends at the beach and Connor was way into wearing her "babysuit" (aka bathingsuit) and "sunscream" (screen). She was my little Coppertone girl in the waves. I was amazed how her hair bleached out even more with the sun. Who would have ever guessed Connor would get my curls and Kirk's blonde color?
Oh boy did we ever have fun with those babysuits and sunscream!

The weather was warm, and the ocean was too! Quite a shocker for May in South Carolina. Sand, sun, salt water.
We shared a house with four families and their FIVE kids. We didn't want to move backwards in our big girl milestones so instead of bringing the portable crib we set up a 'big girl bed' for Connor in our closet.
The air conditioning was weak so we cranked the ceiling fans and threw open the windows letting in the ocean breeze. Connor was so sweet all nestled in for her nap this day. It was hot so we didn't have the heart for PJs.

More to come from our celebratory beach weekend. But these were some of my favorite memories. Babysuits and sunscream! Happy Memorial Day.

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  1. Oh goodness, look at those pink cheeks and curls in the last photo. I have to laugh that you commented a while ago that you thought you would lose your travel drive when you got back to the states. I don't think so... :)