Friday, May 14, 2010

Cupcake Mom

C loves school. That said, we are BOTH adjusting to our new separation and can sometimes be a little whiny. I took C for her 3 year checkup today and mentioned our school adjustment to the pediatrician. I appreciated the doctor's answer - she said "you know I think it is just really exhausting for children to share and cooperate with so many children all day long." Her teachers and classmates are loving and patient. We are grateful for their care.

We celebrated C's birthday all week long. Party overload! But her teachers gave me a guilt trip about not doing anything in the classroom to recognize her special day. So on Friday I took small cupcakes into the class.They were adorable. The entire class seems to have taken her under wing. I love being "C's mom!"
C had the honor of being the center of the table. Everyone sang, Connor blew out the candles and then each child slowly but surely picked either vanilla or chocolate cupcakes.
I could learn a lot by taking note of the teachers' tactics. To make the kids listen she would say "If you can hear me put your finger on your nose." Connor obliged.

My baby is THREE! Happy birthday C!

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