Monday, May 24, 2010

The School Note

Today started Week Two with me back at work and Connor back at school. She is learning and loving her time there with teachers, a new routine, and school friends. It has been an exhausting, engaging transition. There is no doubt in my head that this is the right arrangement for both of us. BUT....Last week I got this note on Connor's daily report. It read "Dear Mom and Dad, I had a good time at school but some of the day I missed you so much."
Do you hear and feel my heart breaking in two?!? Connor is now enduring the entire school day with minimal reluctance. But at this point last week there were daily cries for us. I kinda wanted to cry too when I heard about these bouts. They were mostly around 4 PM daily while on the playground. I imagine that is where Connor is more alone with her thoughts.
Dear Connor, sweet daughter of mine - I miss you too. I miss the little funny things you say throughout the day. I miss lingering in our PJs in the morning, lunching with you and playing together for hours on end. What a dream we lived to have had the focused undivided attention of each other abroad. But there is no doubt in my mind that school is right for you and engaging professional work is right for me right now.
A couple of days after I got this note we were leaving the classroom at the day's end. One child called out to Connor to please give her a hug goodbye. Then methodically Connor approached each and every classmate one by one for a farewell hug. My heart melted in joy. She is developing independent friendships without my help. She is growing right up.

Connor, come what may - please know not a day will go by that "some of the day I missed you so much" too - so right back at ya!

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