Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trees Atlanta!

We have lived for ourselves and into ourselves for 18 months now. Now that we are home it is high time to find ways to give back and be helpful. When Davidson offered its first Young Alumni Service Project in conjunction with the "Trees Atlanta" organization I jumped at the chance.Bright and early we headed to Washington Park to mulch trees. Sounds simple enough but it proved a big job.
Ahem. That is A LOT of mulch!C watched and tried to help out.Although the playground did prove even more tempting. She spent much more time swinging and sliding than digging and hauling woodchips!C just recently learned how to blow bubbles "all by herself!" I think we were considered more cheerleaders than hard labor helpers on the job. I hope the purpose wasn't totally lost.Our sweet next door neighbors (in our temp home) were Davidson classmates. We convinced them to join in too. It was Baby J's first service project!

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