Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Big Girl Bed at Last

We hung onto the crib as long as we possibly could. My little one was curling and squishing in rolled up like a ball. I like to think she felt secure and safe nestled in - but if I am being truthful she was probably wondering why the crib was shrinking so!We have some of our Brussels furniture in our temporary home. No beds but we did give C our mattress placing it directly on the floor. Carol just happened to have this adorable pink angel comforter. I am pleased with how her room is coming together.
C has slept now 10 nights in her new "big girl bed" and things are going well. She knows she must call us for permission to get out of bed. We are hoping that 'stay in bed' compliance lasts. She gets so tuckered out now at school and that helps.
We have had only one night she rolled out of bed - but it was twice in one hour! It is disheartening to hear the thud and subsequent cries in the middle of the night. Even with such a short tumble. We learned to put the pillow shams next to the mattress to catch any more midnight rolls.
C's room is evolving to be very pink!

Here are a few more shots of our temporary summer home...while we wait for the renters to move out of our home.

It is a great house and perfect for what we need now. The absolute BEST part is the screened porch. We eat every meal - even breakfasts - together and outside. Maybe that is the ripple of living in Brussels with all the awful weather. You can't peel yourself away from the outside warmth.
Our bedroom is struggling. We are using our IKEA couch as a bed. It folds up and out and is really quite comfie.
We are settled in. Boxes are unpacked and gone - except for 1 or 2 stragglers. Home is where the heart is. And our hearts are right here for now.

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  1. C's new comforter is adorable! Glad to see you've continued blogging.