Sunday, May 23, 2010


What a weekend. I forgot the peace and rhythm summer storms and ninety degree days bring. Screened in porches and Sunday naps. Sweat and air conditioning. Flip flops and Farmer's Market Fruit Tarts. Summertime in Atlanta is wonderful. And as much as I enjoyed the PLACES we went and saw in Europe, it is the PEOPLE who color our world with love and laughter. I have missed my Atlanta people. I have missed the familiar people and routines of church, the pool, birthday parties.

Friday night marked the end of my first work week back. Jen, Ko, Aly, Mattie, Kathryn, John, and even Tucker the dog came over for an easy dinner of make your own pizzas. We were itching for them to see our new temporary home after all they had done for our transitioning family.
The pizzas were a hit. Only problem - I forgot we had not yet bought flour. Umm. It was a little tough to unstick the dough from our fingers as we attempted to roll it out. After some brainstorming we rubbed our hands in olive oil which fit the bill. Here Kirk shows off his toss...
The kiddos ate in front of the TV while watching "Pollyanna" - the adults took to the screened porch to dine by candlelight. The entire evening was just right
Saturday brought birthday celebrations. Yes, plural - TWO birthday parties. The first was at our local fire station. Great idea! The firewoman came out fully decked. The idea was to teach the children not to be scared of the gear. That firefighters are good and ready to save you.
Connor wasn't so sure. Some kids went up for a hug or high five. Not this one.
She and Maury compared hats and golden badges!

The party continued at a nearby park. It wasn't long before the puddles got the better of them. Check out Connor's filthy legs! So much for my pristine daughter.

Kimball enjoyed his party.
The chaos and fun brought out iced noses and boisterous song. Happy Birthday Kimball!
That afternoon was Javi's 1st birthday. It was an Instrument Party with a drumleader and lots of dancing.
Two parties means two birthday cakes. Oh me oh my.

- August's Housewarming Party
- Chalk on the driveway
- Walk to the neighborhood playground
- A bold red Pentecost celebration at church!
- Sunday afternoon naps for mom and daughter
- Hot afternoon fun at our pool
- Grilled veggies and bedtime stories

I miss the PLACES of Europe. The foreign fun of new discovery. Our travels were like living a dream. But honestly, it doesn't compare to the PEOPLE you love. This priority shift from places to people is one that is good and right.

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  1. I love hearing how you're fitting right back in. It sounds like a wonderful weekend and makes me miss that relaxation and ease we felt when we lived there too.