Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Mornings with Our Little Acrobat

It is just Connor and me these days with Kirk snowed under at work.  Before children I would always come up with a "Busy Season Project" and/or trip to keep me busy too.  But with Connor around I have enough to keep my hands full!  Saturday mornings these days are Gymnastics Mornings at the Y.  She is pretty cute in her leotards and definitely fearless in her moves.

 The facility has a little bit of everything.  There are many little groups in there and they move from station to station turning flips and jumping around.  The only downfall is there really isn't much space for parents to watch.  We have to walk the above track to catch a glimpse of our budding gymnasts.
 The space is very busy.  Parking presents major challenges.  The gym is divided with gymnastics on one end and basketball on the other.  It is quite the operation on Saturday mornings!

 Connor seems to enjoy the class.  I enjoy watching her strut her stuff.

Look out Mary Lou!

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