Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Love A Parade!

Last week was one of those crazy working mom juggle-everything-at-once weeks. We were all looking forward to the upcoming 4th celebration and especially to Connor's first "Pied Piper Parade" with her decorated bike. Problem was I had not a moment to make it to Party City for decorations. Thankfully it was Cara to the Rescue! She gleefully took on the task and brought more red, white and blue flair than any bike could ever wear.Cara and Connor had a ball dressing bike from head to toe, handlebar to wheel? It was a classic Cara/Connor image for the memory books. It cracked us up when we found a sticker of Uncle Sam in the loot and Connor thought it was Noah! I guess they do share a slight resemblance! Connor was tickled with the results and surely had the best-dressed bike in the parade.We were enjoying our picnic and before too long the parade start time crept up on us. The 4 of us made a mad dash to catch up with the already-started parade. Poppa Ed and Cara were good sports sweating it out as we beelined it in the heat.We jumped in midway and midmarch. Cara thought of everything - even candy to throw to onlookers. The candy was admittedly Connor's favorite part!This cheerleader was quite a sight. No doubt this will be Connor in a few years! Cowgirl boots and all.These triplets were squeezable! Can you sense Connor's pride over her parade debut?!? I just love a parade!
Click here for full album photos from our 4th celebration

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  1. Cute! My neighborhood had a parade like that when I was little. And it looks like Connor got a new bike - fun!