Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blueberry Pickin' Just Like Sal

Last weekend we went blueberry picking. Can't go blueberry picking without thinking of one of our very favorite books, Blueberries for Sal.Sal and her mom make quite a story. It was one of my childhood classics and will be for Connor too. I love books that are popular generation after generation.We met Palmer and her sweet family at the farm ready to pick before the sun got too hot! It was hard not to mentally compare our girls from the last time we went picking here two years ago. What a difference from age 1 to age 3!We had time to squeeze in a little playground time before and after our picking adventure.After collecting our pails and set out into the bush. The owner warned of poison ivy, so the Moms were a little on edge looking for the dreaded three-leaf plant - but thankfully we didn't find any.Connor worked hard to fill up her bucket without eating too, too many! She and Palmer became pros at picking only the dark blue berries. There were many not yet ripe. Guess we were a little early. But it made the hunt even more fun. We found plenty nonetheless.It wasn't long before it got brutally hot. Blueberry picking is hard work! We were grateful we set out so early.We headed into the shade to pay for our berries. Again I was reminded in this photo of the similar scene a couple of years ago. The girls were big blueberry eaters back then too!After all that picking Connor was pretty tuckered out. She rubbed her pink muh-muh satin blanket in the car and was out like a light. She and Palmer played so well together. They are sure to be dear friends - just like their parents.I think even Sal and his Mom would have approved of our blueberry success!Click here for full album photos of our Blueberry Pickin'


  1. Funny to see the photo comparisons from a year old - Connor has grown so much.

  2. This post made me ache for my girls to be little again!