Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fun Fashion Show

Connor's class put on a Fashion Show last week. Kirk and I were both able to break away from work to watch Connor walk the catwalk. It was very cute and well thought out. Below is the printed program and fan for the guests to stay cool.
The Moms await!There were three parts to the show: summer wear, swim wear, and evening wear.When Connor came strutting along in her summer sundress - oh my. There was an emcee describing each outfit in loving detail. Connor was quite determined and deliberate in her walk.We were ready to fulfill our duty as paparazzi for the models!Not everyone was happy about the exercise. Overcoming shyness. Mom jumped in to help.They had spots taped down they were to hit.Connor peeking out of the curtain, ready to go!Note all the other classes came to enjoy the show and lined the route. I will never in a million years know how these teachers keeps them all sitting still and paying attention!Connor picked out TWO outfits for the evening wear portion. An elegant red ball gown...As well as a jazzy little pink number with black diamond sunglasses!You can see the circles drawn on the cement the kids were to walk around.A final bow!The models did a great job. Not sure how the teachers managed all those quick changes in the sweltering heat with those sweaty little bodies, but hey more power to them!Click here for full album of fashion, waffles and swimming

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