Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Movie

Inspired by friends who took their 2 year old to the movies, we thought we would jump on the band wagon and take Connor to her very first movie theatre film. Well - I take it back - my last day of maternity leave I took Connor tucked into her cozy sling to the matinee of "Hairspray" but since she was 3 months old and slept the entire time it doesn't really count.

We tried to explain the concept of the movie theatre to Connor, but she really didn't know what to expect. I sang the "Let's Go to the Movies" song from Annie to her...and no doubt she thought I was pretty crazy!
We went to Toy Story 3. Of course we had to splurge and get popcorn. We all three had our hands in the bag! Kirk and I had to each hold an end of Connor's seat so it didn't flip up with her in it as she sat. Those seats aren't really made for 35 pounders! The movie was a lot of fun. We met many new character friends. It was a film for all ages - we laughed at many of the jokes. There were some scary parts, but Connor was brave. She sat relatively still and acted like a lady.
Made for a memorable movie milestone and a great way to beat the heat! Thanks Woody, Buzz and all the Toys.

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