Monday, August 16, 2010

Art Gallery Exhibition

Connor is in the middle of what her school calls "transition." She is transitioning rooms from one classroom to the next - moving up, if you will. In coordination with the big move her current teacher organized an 'Art Exhibition' in the school's atrium. I wasn't sure what to expect but as I entered it was clear this was far from a preschool art display. This was a full on gallery the class created and the children were the artists roaming around and showing off their masterpieces with pride and glee.

When I got there Connor was in the far corner of the room. See her way back there? I love the moment when I arrive before she realizes I am there. There is nothing like her face when she spies me... ...In this case her anticipation was especially pent up since other parents had been in and out all afternoon to witness the Art Show...
She ran to me so fast and with her tongue out. Someone had redone her hair this day so her Pebbles ponytail was the cherry on top. I scooped her up for a big bear hug and she led me all around to see all her works of art.
Connor was especially excited about these plates they made with their pictures. Not sure why Connor's hair is so crazy in her plate photo, but it made for a memorable shot.
The entire class had plates on display. It was funny to see all their little faces staring back at us!
As we toured around spotting her art Connor posed with her closest fellow art-eest! I loved the way they set the 4 folding tables on their sides for display booths. The effect was dramatic and just the right size/height for our budding artists.
Here are some closeups of Connor's art:
Connor's sculpture is the fish at the bottom of the table.My little Michaelangelo wasn't very happy when it was time to leave. She liked the art show (as well as the refreshments that accompanied it!) I wonder how this compares in Connor's mind to all those art museums she toured all over Europe?!?

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  1. This is too cute! I'm still trying to find a way to "display" Brady's art in his room. Wish I had space for a sideways table! So glad that Connor is enjoying her days at school. Looks like you guys are blessed to have such a fabulous place for her to learn.