Sunday, August 8, 2010

Go Wild - Part 2

Wild Dunes is a happenin' place. It is kind of like a "Kellermans" of the beach. (You know the resort from the Dirty Dancing movie).The house was wonderful. Lots of living area for everyone to do their thing separately and still together.
One of the most exciting parts about the beach was observing the maturity of Kirk's brothers. I have been 'with' the family now for 15 years - Davis was 5 years old when Kirk and I started dating! My, how times change. The two youngest brothers brought beautiful, sweet and sophisticated girlfriends to the beach. I am pretty protective but these two have my seal of approval. It was a special treat to hang out with my handsome brother the girl time with these lovely ladies was great.
Poppa Ed rented a boat one day. We piled in - all 10 of us - and rode the waves under the Charleston bridge and along The Battery. Connor was a good sport and shrieked at the salty spray. We even spotted dolphins!
Davis arrived a day late to the beach and directly from his fraternity national conference. He serves as the fraternity president and under his leadership they won the national award for the best chapter in the country. We celebrated his huge accomplishment!
The last day we used this tree for a family photo setting. Evan and China staked out the spots for us - Evan proved quite a monkey.
On our way out of town we all had one last yummy meal together in historic Charleston at Hominey Grill. Highly recommend it.
It was fun to have a balanced number of guys to gals in our group of 10. I think Kirk and I must seem like old fogies to the other kids - we are married with child. Our days are spent with early bedtimes, toddler discipline, potty breaks and kid meals. These couples are full of young love, trendy fashion, late nights on the town and idle time relaxing at the beach. One day our life stages will catch up, but for now it is grand to live a little in both worlds - reality in one and vicariously the other.

That said, I still feel like my love with Kirk is just as young and intoxicating. And I wouldn't trade a moment of motherhood to rewind (even if it did mean a smaller waistline). Just look at this sweet face....worth every bit of the old fogi-ness!

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