Saturday, August 7, 2010

Go Wild - Part 1

We hit the beach at Wild Dunes and were delighted to discover our grade school friends there with their son, Mason. Isn't he so precious with his tan all aglow?!? Mom, Leah, is a professional photographer whose business in booming. I can see why given her immense artistic talent.And Mason's cousin, Jack, filled out the kid trio. How ironic to see hometown friends on vacation - not in our hometown!
After visiting we lost no time jumping into both the pool and the ocean. Connor learned how to jump the waves and also had fun in the pool with Cara and Poppa Ed. Don't you just love the pink polka dot bathing suit and matching flip flops?!?
The resort evening brought shag lessons for the group. Kirk did awesome with the dancing. I was impressed with his strong lead. Poppa Ed danced with Connor...and Ryan with Cara.
Evan and China were excited dance partners in the beginning but the instructor was a little too "call-you-out-y" towards Evan so it wasn't quite his cup of tea. But they sure looked gorgeous together on and off the dancefloor.
Connor looks so big to me in these shots. Those long legs and blonde curls! Where oh where did those chubby baby legs and bald head go?!?
Cara was very sweet and thoughtful leaving each of us a beach bucket of goodies on our beds. We put to use all the sand tools and toys. Connor really understands sandcastles now. She independently played in the sand and surf for a long time. Sand brings out a lot of imagination.
We tried burying her, but only made it up to her hips.
In the evening we traipsed across the street to the beach singing the "Let's Go Fly a Kite, Up to the Highest Height" song from Mary Poppins!

After a few false starts Kirk mastered getting "Barbie" to fly!
Is there any more carefree feeling than running barefoot on the sand as the sun starts to sink in with the ocean breeze?

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