Thursday, August 26, 2010

Twirly Skirts

Connor proved quite a tomboy while we lived in Europe. Most of her friends were boys and we HAD TO wear pants and coats most of the time just to stay dry and warm in the Belgium rains. But now with Atlanta sunshine and blue skies we are full force into the dresses and skirts.

Now Connor insists on wearing skirts no matter what. Not just any old skirt - it has to be a TWIRLY skirt! It must flair and flounce and Connor is always testing out the twirl. I am not sure how we will handle other seasons with the twirly skirt obsession full force. All her poor little shorts are getting neglected.

As much as I enjoyed the trains and trucks phase - I must admit I love the skirts, ballet, and dolls phase. My little girl-y girl!

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