Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Ballet Shoes

Now that we are back and settling into a regular routine I started to think about extracurricular activities Connor might enjoy. I immediately thought back to my dance days and how much of my childhood was defined by ballet.

I looked into taking formal classes at the Decatur School of Ballet. But they are all mid weekday courses. Concerned I was going to have to quit my job just to be Connor's dance chauffeur, I picked Connor up from school that same day and she told me, "Mommy all the girls in my class got to dance today except me!" That's right there is a dance company that comes and does tap/ballet right at Connor's school! The teachers dress them and it's as simple as that. I of course signed her up right away. We went to buy all the necessary costuming and accessories. It was an exhausting weeknight shopping trip to get everything just right. There is something wonderful about the smell of brand new Capezio leather ballet slippers.

And as you can imagine Connor thinks the "shoes that make lots of noise" are amazing. I had to pry them off of her in the store.
The first lesson brought us pirouettes and pointed toes. Bring on the tutus! And thank goodness for the working mom dance option.


  1. YAY FOR DANCE!!!!!!!!!! My heart melted to bits over Annelise's first class!!! :-)

  2. Fun! I hope you'll post a photo of Connor dressed up in all her dance gear soon.

  3. :) So happy! We have always loved our ballet and tap classes too.