Saturday, September 25, 2010

BOB across Europe

We love our BOB stroller. It was like another family member when we lived in Europe. Wherever we went, BOB went too. On planes, trains and automobiles! But now Connor is becoming such a big girl. She walks everywhere - BOB only makes the occasional visit.As an ode to BOB Kirk made this mosaic. BOB went with us to 35 European countries. Think that is some kind of record? He definitely shows the wear and tear from that many airplane trips. He is like our Velveteen Rabbit. The bumps and bruises reflect the REALness and love.
We did send the mosaic file to BOB thinking they might include it in their blog advertising. But never heard back. Oh well.
It makes a great talking piece.
And a terrific reminder of all we were able to see and do - thanks to BOB!

1 comment:

  1. Cool mosiac. Did you use a special program to make it?