Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sea Island Fun

We had the good fortune of spending last weekend at Sea Island. With Freda living there we had a cozy, comfie place to stay and this...a block away! Connor was there all of 2 minutes before she was in Freda's pool and darting off to the beach.
Our girl is a beach girl! She loves the waves, wind, surf and sand.
Sea Island is a very special place. The homes are jaw-dropping-ly beautiful. I feel like an outsider looking in when we are there. It is pretty fun tiptoeing around hoping the billionaires all around can't see right through you. Hob-nobbing with the elite has its perks! Sea Island's Cloister has fallen on tough financial times - recently declaring bankruptcy - but you would never know it as a guest. The pools were a curvy labryinth of fun. The shuffleboard court open for business and oh, oh, oh me the playground!We spent many happy hours at the pool. It is a perfect place for kids with a wade-in shallow end and lots of steps. Connor showed off her swimming strokes. We didn't want to leave at naptime so packed a nightgown and pink muh-muh for an afternoon respite right by the pool. Mission accomplished...The foliage and landscaping at the Cloister kept us ooh'ing and aah'ing around every corner. There were two weddings happening the Saturday we were there. We spied one bride and wedding party on a golf cart. Later we saw fireworks in their honor - rumor had it around the pool the next day they pedaled away by bicycle while the fireworks went off. What a send off!While at the Cloister you really don't feel totally in the "in crowd" without wearing Lily Pulitzer and searsucker stripes. I resisted the Lily fad, but did love dressing Connor up. How could I resist with such an incredible backdrop?

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