Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cookies and Ice Cream - Sea Island Sugar High

The Cloister has an entire weekly program of activities available. What a treat to anticipate what might be on tap when visiting! This time the much-hyped "Cookie Cutter Class" was at the Kid's Club. We beelined it over ready to cut away. The Cloister Camp Junior Staff were patient and loving. They had the dough ready and helped Connor roll it out. She was very determined...

With all the goodies around though there was a significant amount of tasting along with the cookie making.

While the cookies baked the staff had the kids decorate bags to take them home in and led games like Simon Says. Below is "Simon Says Jump on One Foot!"
I think it pretty funny that in these photos Connor is the only one still in her Chef's Hat!

And while the sugar high was on we of course had to indulge at the ice cream parlor.
StrawBABY was the flavor of choice!
Connor really wanted to hold the cone -
- but when Kirk insisted on carrying the cone, there were sugar high tears...
And a determined sense of satisfaction when she finally got it back.

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