Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Program

Connor' s school had a Christmas program this year.  Although I probably should be more PC and call it a "holiday" program and party.  It was from 3 - 5 PM on a Friday.  Not exactly perfect timing for the working parents.  I tore out of work at 2:45 PM and had to park far away.  I thought my lungs would explode as a sprinted up the hill to the atrium where the program was taking place.  Nothing can really describe the anxiety, panic, and fear of a  working mom that you might miss your child's performance on stage.  Luck was a lady though on this day because Connor's class had not yet performed when I came huffing and puffing inside.
 The last time Connor was in the program (pre-Belgium) she was our Santa Baby paraded around the auditorium between acts just like this little guy.  My how time has changed us!

Here is the bedraggled working mom!  But it was all worth it when Connor marched up on stage.  She was kind of hidden on the second row, but it was adorable and endearing when she looked out searching and scanning the crowd for us.  She found us at long last and after many worried looks; it seemed to fill her with confidence and readiness for the task ahead.  I was doubly glad we made it!

 The group sang the "Eight Days of Kwanza" - as in "On the first day of Kwanza my PEOPLE gave to me; A promise for U-nity!"  It was a little sad that they weren't singing about Christmas.  But I do understand the inclusive nature of the curriculum.  We made sure we taught Silent Night and O Little Town of Bethlehem at home for balance.

 They were so cute.  Connor wore the African robe and everything.  Her part involved singing about the "Five Festive Friends!"

 Maury held up the presents on cue.
 This was followed by messy cupcakes after the show.  These are two of Connor's best girlfriends.

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